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We would like to welcome the esteemed Yama-san to our family at No. 1 Kazoku. Originally from Nagano, Japan, Yama-san has trained rigorously in Tokyo right after he graduated high school. His passion for excellence and deep understanding of flavor gave birth to his unbelievable Omakase specialty. Through his 10 years of culinary experience, he has refined his Omakase meals and has proudly served the Los Angeles County for over 50 years.

holidaysHoliday Hours

12/24 (Christmas Eve) - Open - 11:00 PM
12/25 (Christmas Day) - 5:00 PM - Close
12/31 (New Year's Eve) - Open - 11:00 PM
1/1 (New Year's Day) - 5:00PM - Close

no1kazoku storeWelcome to No. 1 Kazoku!!!  

Conceptualized and launched in the heart of San Gabriel Valley, Kazoku, a Japanese word means household or family in English, is a family owned restaurant, which specializes in Japanese –American fusion cuisine.
The owners, who travelled extensively, kept looking for a Japanese-American fusion restaurant in the San Gabriel Valley area, that will capture the various taste of the many Japanese restaurants they experienced on their travels, while keeping a fusion of American flare.